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Ashtanga Weekend Immersion
to Jul 28

Ashtanga Weekend Immersion


Saturday, July 27 from 9:00a to 3:00p
Sunday, July 28 from 9:00a to 3:00p


Linda Chun, Tom Griffith, Gail Larned and Correna Starbuck



There are some things you can learn by coming to a weekly class and there are other deepenings that happen when you spend a full weekend immersed in the practices. Join Yoga on High’s experienced teachers for a weekend immersion of Ashtanga Yoga.

The weekend will begin with an exploration of the bandhas, physically and anatomically, and how they relate to breathing. Then you will apply those concepts to the intricate movements into and out of the poses throughout a Modified Primary Series practice.

On Saturday afternoon we will look at safely modifying and working towards poses that include lotus, followed by the actions, alignment and anatomy of backbends.

On Sunday morning we will start with “dessert first,” including actions, alignment and anatomy of the inversions Sarvangasana (shoulderstand) and Sirsasana (headstand). Then we’ll move, breath by breath, through the entire Primary Series.

In the afternoon we’ll host “Asana Doctor” where any questions will be answered through your bodies; we’ll take the question and then explore answers experientially. You’ll get a chance to have a greater understand of approaching some of the more challenging poses, which vary from person. Find your entry ways into poses you might be tempted to ignore or avoid.

A $75.00 cancellation fee is included in the workshop cost. No refunds will be given within 30 days of the start date of workshops.

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David Keil: Seeing Your Students' Anatomy
to Apr 7

David Keil: Seeing Your Students' Anatomy


Friday, April 5 from 6:00p to 8:30p
Saturday, April 6 from 9:00a to 4:00p
Sunday, April 7 from 9:00a to 12:00p


David Keil


$287. Early bird discount if paid in full by March 5: $257

One of the most important skills a teacher can have is the skill of observation. There is a lot of information in front of you in every moment, but you’re not necessarily aware of it until it’s pointed out. In the Yoga Anatomy Observation Workshop you will learn to use tools to enable you to see more of what a student is doing and/or not doing. Seeing more can make all the difference in the adjustments or cues you give to a student in a particular pose.

In the Yoga Anatomy Observation Workshop we begin to develop “our eyes” by first recognizing that we each have our own biases and that these biases can color what we think we see. We then use the technique of conducting a formal postural analysis to develop the practice of “seeing” more objectively. The technique of completing a full postural analysis also trains us to “see” at a greater level of detail.

The next step or level of observation, is observation in movement. We will apply the observation techniques that we’ve learned to the observation of people in one of the most fundamental movements: walking. We’ll then practice a more visceral method of observation by mimicking the patterns that we see in students walking. This adds a kinesthetic component to our understanding of what we observe is going on in an individual’s body. This exercise is a great reminder that we often need to put ourselves inside the student’s posture (asana) to more fully understand what they’re experiencing. With the addition of that kinesthetic knowledge, we may have a better idea how to support the student in their pose.

Finally, we will take our “eyes” back to the yoga mat and observe poses. We’ll use all our observation skills as we observe transitions into and out of postures as well as the more static state of the asana itself. With our new observation skills, we become more informed. The verbal cues or hands-on adjustments that we use to guide students will now be more skillful because they are based on observations that are less biased, more detailed, and generally more informed.

Topics covered:

  • Quick review of anatomy

  • Learn to see what has been in front of you all along

  • Detailed postural analysis

  • See the anatomy in movement

  • See the anatomy in asanas

  • Individualize instruction based on what you see

A $100 Cancellation fee is include in the cost of the workshop. No refunds will be given within 30 days of the workshop.

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Developing Your Practice Workshop – Full Primary Series
11:30 AM11:30

Developing Your Practice Workshop – Full Primary Series


Sunday, November 4 from 11:30a to 2:30p


Tom Griffith



In this workshop we will work through the full Primary Series following the traditional breath count. Modifications will be offered individually in the flow of this led class. It is not necessary to arrive already able to do these poses. This is an opportunity to start a dialogue and increase one’s understanding of the depth of this practice. However, if you would like a more deliberate step by step teaching of these poses consider taking the Developing Your Practice series class.

This class is appropriate for students with a consistent Half Primary Series practice or beyond as well as vinyasa level 2-3 students looking to experience this fabulous moving meditation.

Ashtanga Lab 1 – Primary Series

Before diving in we discuss and detail what are considered to be some the more challenging aspects of the Primary Series. We will detail some of the more challenging poses and transitions from middle section of the “impossible poses” through the rocking and rolling poses including chakrasana, the backwords somersault exit. Additionally, we will discuss working with lotus legs and binding postures.

A $15.00 cancellation fee is included in the cost of this workshop. No refunds will be given within 7 days of the start date of workshops.

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