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April Clean Challenge 2019

  • Yoga on High 1020 Dennison Ave, Suite 202 Columbus, OH 43201 United States (map)


April 1-30, 2019


In Studio Challenge
$29 + Class Pass or Membership (sold separately)

In Studio Challenge + 3 Day Native Mini Juice Cleanse
$116 + Class Pass or Membership (sold separately)

Spring cleaning can help clear out the old and make space for the new. For the month of April we will dive deeply into tapas– the fire of practice – both on and off the mat. There are many ways to feel the heat of practice: physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. A literal and metaphorical burning through of what is no longer serving you. This month, we invite you to release and reset the body and mind to see what new possibilities arise.

It’s simple! Choose either a 28 day solo trek or practice with a group (20 classes each) and set an intention to show up!

Optional Juice Cleanse:

Add on a 3 day Native Cold Pressed Mini Juice Cleanse at the end of this month’s challenge. Juice cleanses encourage full body detoxification and help reset the body. This modified cleanse includes 3 juices daily, which you’ll supplement with small clean meals. Cleanse portion will be April 28 - 30. Juices will be ready for pick up April 27 at 7am.

Native Juice Cleansing Details

Native Juice Cleansing FAQ

Choose between:

Mini cleanse #1-

•1 Special green (Apple, cucumber, cabbage, collards, kale, lemon and ginger)

•1 Sweet beet (apple, lemon, ginger)

•1 Sweet carrot (carrot, apple, orange, lime)


Mini cleanse #2-

•Strong Green (kale, collards, swiss chard, cabbage, celery, lemon, parsley, sea salt)

•Strong carrot (carrot, E3live algae)

•Strong beet (beet, celery, parsley, lime)


Solo: Practice 28 classes in April.

Team: 2 or more people, 20 classes each

· 20 x number of team members = total practices needed per team

· Teams can pool their days! (If Jane only gets 14 classes in, Juno can do 26 for the team completion.)

· create unique team name

What counts:

· Practice at Yoga on High all 20 or 28 days.

· All open classes, series classes, and aerial, including meditation, pranayama and restorative – all great ways to round out your practice.

· Swap out up to 2 practices by sharing your challenge journey via Instagram. Post picture and caption to Instagram with tags: @yogaonhigh #yohicleanse #yohimagic

· complete solo or team challenge to receive finishers tee/tank.

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