Susan Cunningham

Susan’s experience as an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist draws on 33 years as an RN and more than 20 years of practicing yoga and meditation. She firmly believes yoga, and specifically the practices of Urban Zen Integrative Therapy™ (UZIT), are essential for 21st century life. She completed her 500-hour yoga teaching certification at Yoga on High. She is also certified in Pranayama, is a Reiki master and has trained with many nationally recognized teachers as well as with Marcia Miller and Linda Oshins. She is a long time UZIT trainer and mentor, and the program manager of YOHI’s annual UZIT training. Susan is experienced in teaching yoga to clients of all levels of physical abilities, from athletes to those with physical limitations including MS, Arthritis, diabetes, cancer, cardio/pulmonary diseases and traumatic injuries. She is currently offering UZIT to women with breast and gynecologic cancers through the James at OSUMC at the chemotherapy infusion clinics.

Susan was also the primary UZIT interventionist for a recent research study using Urban Zen methodologies for pulmonary hypertension. She is intuitive and creative in finding ways to personalize integrative yoga therapy sessions to help people recover from and to live with injuries, illness and the general wear and tear of everyday life.

Susan and her husband Steve transplanted themselves to Columbus from Philadelphia, PA in 2006. She also lives with 2 demanding, yet grateful cats—Louie and Penny.