Danielle Dugan

Danielle found yoga during her sophomore year of college at OSU and felt a super strong pull toward the practice. With that strong pull, she also felt stuck in her not so great habits of staying up too late, eating foods that she knew weren’t nourishing, fueling her already stressed college brain by procrastinating and avoiding responsibilities, and just all around ignoring her body’s needs (& wisdom!!) She continued with what felt like a dance between two worlds: the world of a party loving college kid and the world of a creative human searching for something more. Grateful that the practice was a constant but also so so frustrated that she kept falling into patterns of being that left her feeling empty. All the while living with a limited worldview that it’s either gotta be this or that.

Fast forward to May 2016 – college graduation and the month that Danielle would travel to Costa Rica with Yoga on High for her 200 hour yoga teacher training. It was there, in the jungle, that she finally caught a glimpse of the possibility to be someone who can embrace all that she enjoys, moving beyond judgement and rigid expectations into a place of receptivity. The realization that she really could have late nights with friends talking about nothing important and laughing a lot and make the decision to wake up early the following morning to get her butt on her yoga mat was incredibly important.And today, that’s Danielle’s main focus. Learning how to look at life through the framework of this and that, not this or that. Less rigidity more fluidity, friends.

Along with her deep love for yoga and the journey inward, she is also fueled by traveling + exploring and getting dirty in nature, laughing with her friends, reading all sorts of books, eating good food + drinking wine on her balcony surrounded by plants.