Steph Jo Aud

Hi!! I’m Steph Jo and I love me some yoga!!

I’ve been practicing a vinyasa style since March 2015 and my love for this practice grows stronger every single day!!

I started with a home practice following an app on my iPad, then decided after about a year of solid practicing that it was finally time to try out a local studio! I’m so glad I did because that’s when I knew that I definitely wanted to become a teacher!!

Slow flow and hot flow vinyasa classes are where I find most satisfaction with my personal practice. The union of breath, movement and music makes my heart sing and dance and I am definitely my happiest moving freely on my mat surrounded by other free-flowing humans!!

I love the challenges of arm balances and inversions, and welcome the use of any and all props during my flows! The yoga wheel is my all time favorite favorite yoga prop and I use it every single day! I love to have fun and make shapes with my yoga buddies after classes and I also love to try out difficult and scary partner poses!!

My number one favorite thing about yoga is how connected I feel life now, and how my confidence, self love and love for others is far greater than it has ever been!! Yoga has helped me change my life in so many positive ways and I’m so excited to share that with my yoga community!!