Marina Zahran

Most commonly recognized for her turmeric stained hands, Marina radiates her whole heart into making a room feel comfortable, enriched and inspired. She is committed to all eight limbs of yoga and has been teaching for 2 years. Marina is just shy of her 500hr Yoga Certification through the Yoga On High program, studying with Columbus' principle mentors.

Marina is an avid gardener and herb enthusiast. She will gladly take any opportunity to talk about her complimentary passion, Ayurvedic Medicine. She completed her Ayurveda Practitioner Program in 2018 and taught at the Yoga On High Ayurveda Institute. Marina is most strongly committed to her one-on-one Ayurveda clients, working with individuals to create lasting and impactful change in their lives.

Beyond the mat, you can find Marina playing piano, rock climbing, and/or cooking endless amounts of intriguing foods. She loves big smiles, her one-eyed-cat, anything furry, karaoke-ing, surfing, and dancing while cooking.