Liz Baldridge

Liz has been practicing Yoga on and off for over twenty years. Her first experience with Yoga was back in the 80’s through an awkward Raquel Welch VHS tape. Since then, feeling drawn by it’s magic, she has found herself always circling back to Yoga. More recently, after a few running injuries, Liz returned to Yoga on a more consistent basis and hasn’t turned back since.

After discovering Yin Yoga and attending a transformational Yoga festival, she decided she wanted to teach Yoga! Liz completed her Yin Yoga certification program through You Do Yoga in Cincinnati in the fall of 2015 and Graduated from the Yoga on High 200hr YTT program in December of 2016. She immediately jumped into continuing her yoga education and is currently completing her 300hr YTT program with a Trauma Sensitive focus at Yoga on High. Liz teaches Yin, Hatha, Chair and Restorative yoga classes in Newark and Westerville and is very excited to join the Yoga on High teaching team!

Liz was born and raised in Newark, Ohio. She currently lives in Westerville with her hunky fire fighter husband Eric and their monster cat Grendel. She’s worked for a local retailer for over 25 years and continues to grow as an HR Professional there. Liz loves to read, is a foodie, a traveler, a cancer fighting Pelotonia rider and loves long walks on the beach.

Her mantra… JUST TRY!