Leanne Luscher

In the early 2000's, Leanne Luscher tried yoga as an enhancement to an on again off again meditation practice. Immediately, she loved it and felt at home. She began trying as many different classes, styles and workshops as her busy life would allow. Several years later, she unexpectedly found herself a single mother with four young school aged children. Thankfully, her yoga practice was there to lean on. Attention to the breath and body brought awareness that helped lead to a path of healing, strength and balance. As her children grew, she was gradually able to devote more time and study to yoga. The more she learned, the more she yearned to know. Gratefully, she was able to enroll in the Yoga on High Teacher Training Program and became a 200 RYT as well as a Reiki Level II Practitioner.

Leanne's fine arts background provides an ever-present element of creativity in her classes, offering her students a nurturing environment so that they can enrich the world. Leanne encourages her students to notice alignment while still listening to their ever- changing bodies in a safe, grounded and balanced way.

When not practicing yoga or Reiki, Leanne loves to be in nature, camping, hiking, and gardening. She has an incredibly supportive partner, blended family of six children and two Aussies.