Jacob Hays

200 HR RYT, Level II Reiki Practitioner, certified Sekoia™ Yoga Teacher, Sekoia™ Yoga for Men teacher, and co-founder of embodyMEN™ Yoga for Athletes

Jake’s yoga teaching philosophy is influenced by his athletic background and his belief that yoga is for EVERY body, regardless of gender, size and physical limitations. In fact, Sekoia™ for Men and embodyMEN™ Yoga classes invite men to fully experience yoga, including breath awareness, mindfulness and enhanced flexibility, to enhance their strength building.

Jake’s personal journey began as a weightlifter with a desire to increase his flexibility and strength. Not only did yoga significantly improve his athletic stamina, it brought him new-found peace, awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love. These values are the foundation of his teaching path.

He shares this path with students and encourages everyone to experience their own practice as a journey of discovery by tapping into the energy of radical self-acceptance.

Jake’s extensive knowledge of body types has benefited the many athletes he teaches with purposeful modifications and adaptations.

Jake welcomes every student with an open heart by fostering an atmosphere of respect, fun, and judgement-free self-discovery. 

He is dedicated to sharing his ongoing study of yoga, pranayama, reiki, meditation, and wellness modalities with all his students.