Gail Larned

Since my first yoga class in 1986, I have loved the healing aspects of the practice. I felt relaxed and energized at the same time. I began to share yoga with my family and friends and looked for a teacher. Fortunately, I found Marcia Miller who became my principle teacher for several years. Marcia introduced me to Rodney Yee in the late 80’s, and I have attended his Teacher Trainings (TT) at Yoga on High almost every year since. In the mid-90’s, I discovered Ashtanga yoga and fell in love with the Primary Series. In 2001, I attended Tim Miller’s TT at Yoga on High. I have also completed TTs with David Swenson, Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor .

My passion for teaching comes in part from my nature to nuture. I want to take care of people and help them to feel better in their bodies and their minds. In the 30+ years I’ve been teaching yoga, my humblest and sweetest moments are when a student tells me their pain is lessened or gone after class.

I am committed to helping every body to experience the benefits of the poses. I love the structure of poses and figuring out how to build a pose with appropriate modifications and the use of props. My teaching style is relaxed and playful. It is my goal that every student has a rewarding and satisfying experience that meets their needs.

My other passion is the breath. I teach Vinyasa style where we move in and out of poses with the breath. To me and in my classes, breath is primary. I teach mindfulness and presence with breath awareness. By focusing on the breath, we can transform the practice into a moving meditation. Breath awareness is what distinguishes yoga from exercise.

I am ever grateful to be able to share this ancient practice with my students.