Daniel Sernicola

200 HR RYT, Level II Reiki Practitioner, certified Sekoia™ Yoga Teacher, Sekoia™ Yoga for Men teacher, and co-founder of embodyMEN™ Yoga for Athletes

Daniel combines the benefits of his yoga practice with his extensive weightlifting knowledge to help his students increase strength, power, and flexibility while focusing on alignment. In his classes he creates optimal practice approaches for every students by teaching modifications to poses appropriate for them. Daniel has worked with athletes for many years to improve and increase athletic performance from both a physical and mental perspective. As a result of his own passion for the physical, Daniel’s classes are playful and highly encouraging.

Daniel embarked on his personal yoga journey when he came to the simple realization that he couldn’t touch his toes. In an effort to regain flexibility lost through working out, he started practicing yoga and quickly realized its numerous benefits, extending beyond the physical.

Yoga heals and nourishes - Daniel includes this knowledge in his teaching by offering an eclectic mix of philosophy, asana, pranayama, meditation, and reiki to his students. Daniel is delighted to announce that he now touches his toes regularly, and does so with a deep pranayama breath filled with great self-acceptance and love. 

Daniel’s inspiring and heartfelt teachings aim to awaken healing and wellness by weaving together an asana practice that incorporates yogic teachings, anatomy, and humor. He encourages students to view themselves through a lens free of judgement and full of love and self-acceptance, inviting them to experience their bliss both on and off the mat.

His career in corporate marketing combined with a deep passion for yoga has inspired him to offer yoga and corporate mindfulness training to companies and organizations. His extensive studies in linguistics and conceptual expression have also led to his passion for Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Daniel is currently working with the Yoga on High Foundation in starting a program for anti-bullying and is passionate about bringing yoga and mindfulness to youth.