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Pay What You Can
Series Classes & Workshops
We also have trade opportunities that will allow you to contribute your skills and talents in trade. Areas of support include: handy work, maintenance, cleaning, yardwork, plant care, organization, data entry, distributing flyers, etc. What skills and talents do you have?
Pay It Forward
In the same spirit that we can provide discounted passes and memberships, we hope that you too would “pay it forward” (aka sharing random acts of kindness out in the world). In the yoga community we often call this “karma yoga”. Please click the link below this form for ideas to get you started, but they are not limited to these!
- Statement of Need (why this pay-what-you-can pass or membership is helpful to you) - Statement of Intent (how will taking this class/series/workshop benefit you) - How will you “Pay it Forward”? (See "Karma Yoga Ideas" for inspiration, below) - Please feel free to include any other relevant information we should consider.

Click below for random acts of kindness…