300 Hour Teacher Training

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Advance your teaching

Yoga on High's 300-hour Teacher Training Program is an advanced course specifically tailored to your particular interests. Combined with your 200-hour certification, it achieves RYT 500 (Registered Yoga Teacher) status.

This path of study allows an experienced teacher to develop his or her knowledge and ability in all of the following areas:

  • Asana practice with attention to alignment, rhythm, sequencing, and class structure.

  • Class themes: yoga philosophy, subtle energy, music and kirtan.

  • Anatomy: both gross and subtle anatomy including physical anatomy, bio-mechanics, and energetic anatomy.

  • Meditation and Pranayama: Pranayama and various forms of meditation including iRest® yoga nidra.

  • Teaching to special populations: imaginative and effective teaching methodologies and tactics for working with specialized populations of students or the general populace.

  • Developing workshops and progressive classes: develop and grow a students practice and understanding of the 8-limbs of yoga.

  • Methods to become an effective and dynamic yoga teacher.

  • The business and ethics of yoga, marketing, and branding yourself as a yoga teacher.


We have some of the best teachers in the country associated with our program, and we pride ourselves on the range and depth of experience they represent. The principle instructors in the program are Yoga on High founders Marcia Miller and Linda Oshins, long-time teachers who are well respected within the central Ohio community and by their peers on a national level. We also have an impressive roster of nationally-known teachers who visit our studio each year. For example, in the coming year you will be able to study with Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee, Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine, David Keil, Jason Crandell, Doug Keller, and Stephanie Lopez.

We believe in offering many opportunities to hear from various perspectives, giving you depth and breadth in your practice.

How Does It Work?

Every year we offer core, required workshops (five over the course of the training) and elective workshops specific to your course of study. You can choose from approximately 250 hours of programming yearly to sculpt your particular program. Your plan will include workshops and intensives, assisting master teachers in class, and individualized mentored projects of your choosing. This is a blueprint that can be changed at any time, but it focuses your training and sets clear goals for the year.

The study, practice, and teaching necessary to graduate are designed to take 2.5 years to complete. You may move through the program more quickly or take longer, but the pricing structure extends over thirty months. When choosing a 300-program for yourself, consider the advantages of a long-term commitment like this. It gives you the opportunity to practice and teach what your are learning, internalize and polish your skills over time, all the while remaining an engaged member of a vibrant community of your fellows. People in this program often remark on the benefits of being part of an ongoing, sharing group of talented teachers.

The Yoga on High 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training Program is registered with Yoga Alliance and exceeds Yoga Alliance guidelines regarding hourly requirements in each study category.



- A program centered around a specific style of yoga: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha

- A therapeutically-oriented teacher training track or Urban Zen/UZIT™

- Mini-certifications: prenatal yoga, trauma-sensitive yoga (EMBER™), Sekoia™, iRest® yoga nidra, the pranayama intensive and the meditation intensive.


Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Track

This program addresses the physical body, energy body, and the mental/emotional body. Because the program is yoga-based, and all healing starts from within, it also offers you strategies and personal insight into caring for yourself—a necessary first step in caring for others. Upon graduation from this program you will be qualified to work with your students in group and private session in ways that are beneficial and healthful to people faced with health challenges.

In this program you will study:

  • Yoga principles for fostering health and well-being in your students/clients

  • Methods of working with students with injuries and physical limitations.

  • Yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditation practices that support people with specific health conditions including, but not limited to, back pain, depression, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.   

  • What scientific research is saying about yoga as a healing practice.

  • The role of stress in disease and methods and practices to reduce it in daily life.

  • The yogic map of the energy body and ways of understanding and working with Reiki as a wellness-promoting modality. Also, understanding asana and pranayama as energy practices.

  • Working ethically with private clients, small private groups and public yoga classes.

  • Philosophical and psychological themes in personal growth and healing.

  • Supporting yourself as a therapeutically-oriented yoga teacher, including pricing for your services and marketing tips.

This program is experiential and highly student-driven. It includes ample practice-teaching time in small groups to cement the approaches and skills covered in the program. Students can also assist senior teachers in classes designed to address the needs of ill or injured students. Contact us for a list of our specialized, therapeutically-oriented classes.

Yoga on High’s Teacher Training course is well thought-out, thorough, and very well taught. I finished feeling confident in my ability to teach I had a wonderful experience completing my training with Yoga on High. The program was very intense and provided extensive teaching, instruction and knowledge that was relevant to the subject. The instructors were very supportive and made themselves available for training, instruction and additional support.
— Rebecca
The program SURPASSED my high expectations. When anyone asks me about ongoing education: YOHI is the first word out of my mouth. While I had initially hoped to add “tools” to my teaching toolbox, I came away with those tools and a much deeper appreciation (and acceptance) of myself. I also appreciated the rigor. I am aware of other programs that gloss over things and hours and I’m glad we’re required to be accountable.
— Colleen Kane


Information Sessions

To learn more about the program attend an info session by preregistering online or by calling the front desk at 614.291.4444. To set up a personal meeting email applications@yogaonhigh.com.

Please check back for future sessions.


There is a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $150. At the time of enrollment, you may choose from one of the following payment plans:

Paid in full: one payment of $5,755.

Monthly installments: 30 payments of $199.83 totaling $5,995.

Tuition includes all eligible workshops, mentorship and assisting fees, and an unlimited class pass to Yoga on High for the length of the program.


Eligible teachers have already completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program (at Yoga on High or another equivalent program) and have taught at least 100 hours of classes. Feel free to contact us applications@yogaonhigh.com or call 614-291-4444 if you have any questions about your readiness for this program.