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Welcome, Yoga on High has something for every one and every body. We invite you to join our community and become part of our family.

Yoga Teacher Training Institute

Teacher Training Institute

Learn to Teach Yoga and Deepen Your Personal Practice

Aerial Yoga

Unwind in our weekly Aerial Yoga classes.

Yoga Commitment Challenge

Deepen your practice this October in our Yoga Commitment Challenge!

Yoga on the Pitch

Join Jasmine Grace and Michele Vinbury for the 2nd Annual Yoga on the Pitch event at Crew Stadium on Wednesday, September 24.



Join Jasmine Grace and Michael Murphy Sunday, September 21st during the Open Streets Initiative for the last POGA of the season.

This October, deepen your practice, feel the joy and spread the yoga bliss – it’s time for our second studio-wide Yoga Commitment Challenge!

Celebrate with us and support the Yoga on High Foundation on November 1st - See more at:

Sign your child up for this fun, safe and gentle way to be physically active and enhance his or her well-being. - See more at:



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Yoga Columbus Ohio

New Student Special Unlimited Monthly Pass $49*

New to Yohi? Get to know our community with an introductory month of Open Yoga Classes. Must be a new student. Good for Open Classes only.

Reiki Columbus Ohio

Reiki Training: Level 1

Learn Komyo Reiki Kai, a style of traditional Japanese (Hayashi-style) that emphasizes spiritual enfoldment through the practice of Reiki Ryoho, aiming for satori, or enlightenment.

Yoga and Acupuncture Columbus Ohio

Yoga and Acupuncture

Treat yourself to an afternoon of asana and acupuncture and experience the balanced flow of energy that can be achieved by combining the two.

Hearts of Light Fundraiser

Celebrate with us at the Franklin Park Conservatory Palm house and support the Yoga on High Foundation on October 24 at our second annual Hearts of Light Fundraiser.

Aerial Yoga

Stay energetically grounded as you develop a new relationship to gravity in our weekly Aerial Yoga classes.

Somatics and the Art of Teaching Yoga

Somatics delivers the kind of intimacy and authenticity with one's life and teaching that marks great teachers and is truly a path to mastery in the art of yoga teaching.

Self-Shiatsu Yoga A Gift to Yourself with Al Thunderbear

Self-Shiatsu Yoga with Al Thunderbear

Release the body's energy channels using modified Yoga poses and gain a sense of ease, clarity, and tranquility.

An Introduction to Ayurveda

Ayurveda’s various strategies include meditation, individualized diet, herbal preparations, detoxification procedures, rejuvenation therapy, yogic exercises, energizing breathing exercises, and proper daily routine.

Yoga Columbus Ohio

Intro to Mysore

Join Taylor Hunt for a unique introduction to the Mysore style of learning including the philosophy of the Ashtanga yoga method, a discussion about individual needs and a practice of the initial sequence of poses.

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